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Emmanuelle Arnaud, PhD. 

Associate Professor in Glacial Geology

Associate Director 

School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph

I have been at Guelph since 2002 and am an active member of G360 Institute for Groundwater Research. I am also the Associate Director of the School, and in that role I am focusing on graduate curriculum reform.

I'm a field-based glacial geologist, who has most recently focused on applied aspects related to hydrogeology.  

I have enjoyed teaching a range of courses related to geology and mentoring students with their theses and independent studies.


BA (History and Physical Geography), McMaster University

MSc (Geography), University of British Columbia

PhD (Geology), McMaster University

Research Interests

glacial sedimentology, Quaternary geology, environmental geology, sedimentary environments and paleoclimatology


ENVS 2240  Introductory geology

ENVS 3180 Sedimentary environments

ENVS 4360 Glacial environments

ENVS 6720 Geology of groundwater systems


Curriculum Vitae

Publications: google scholar profile

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Deformation Till, Norfolk, UK

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